UC pro rider

For delivery and logistics professionals

UC pro worker

For construction and industry professionals

Reveal your colors

Reveal your colours

Equipment specialists for professionals.

We work with delivery, logistics, construction and industry professionals.

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safety with your style

Security in your image

Our job: equip your company, with a changing room in your image,

meeting the technical and safety standards as well as the requirements of your trades.

UBEREATS – Couriers

TRUSK – Delivery and logistics

We offer you as many skills as possible

Designed and designed in Paris, our UC PRO structure caters to a professional, knowledgeable and demanding clientele, looking for a high-visibility, high-end wardrobe, composed of exclusive jackets, connected, with adapted cuts and technical materials, in accordance with European safety standards.

Création vestiaire

A project? A custom locker room? Need an audit?

A la carte solutions

We develop our skills to anticipate, master and meet the targeted needs of professionals

I Our product services

Our trademark:

We offer designs designed for professionals, or we create your own.

We pay particular attention to product development:

Processus vestiaire
Processus vestiaire

I Our services

From design, design to product delivery, and wardrobe management: We take care of everything!

… a la carte management

Services vestiaire

Our research and development team works on textile innovation and the integration of connected objects.

UC Pro is a team of experts who master the product development as a whole, designing collections in the image of its customers. Our research and development work focuses on the many pillars: smart EPI — connected textiles — eco-responsible fabric, and we take care to be able to offer you the services necessary to manage your locker room.


An innovative, elegant and complete wardrobe to convey your values on the street and in the end customer.


Smart EPI and connected clothing to make your employees as secure as possible.

Textile R and D

We also focus our development work on eco-responsible and intelligent textiles.

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they trust us

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they trust us

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UC Pro

8-10 rue gustave eiffel

92110 Clichy

Quentin Xavier

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