Our Expertise

A multidisciplinary team

To meet your needs

Where we start…

Where we start…

I create your locker room according to your needs


Catalogued or bespoke

Our work starts with you

Our in-house design team is able to offer innovative, state-of-the-art design that responds to your briefs while listening to your brand and visual identity.

Create your employees’ locker room

Everything you need we find you, we smile at you. It’s up to you to tell us what you want.


Choose from our catalogue

Create your custom-made equipment

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Provision of a platform

We look for products tailored to each of your needs,the products are not limited to the catalog. Whether you choose a wardrobe in our catalogue or bespoke, we take care of everything from the prototype to the delivery of your order.

I And product services associated with the two offers


Meeting your expectations

Before each order, we will provide you with samples that you can approve, so you know exactly what product to expect before placing an order, going through a prototype step upstream.


Building a good functioning and good relationship

Once an order is placed with us, we give the green light to our plants. From then on, until the products are ready to leave the factory, our production team and clothing technologists will be in daily conversation with the factories.


An essential point at the heart of our business

At UC Pro, we know we are as good as the product we deliver, which is why we take quality control very seriously.

I Our a la carte services to meet your business needs


An intuitive management tool

We offer a fully managed execution service that includes an online ordering system, inventory and reporting management, site logistics and an in-house customer service team.


A question of logistics

Our shipping and logistics staff take special care in transporting products from the factory door to your delivery point, anywhere in the world, at the best cost and in the shortest possible time.

re and re

Evolutionary development

Our team of textile engineers works with selected suppliers to make your equipment smart (Smart EPI) and can integrate your own equipment. We integrate LEDs, fall detector, airbag, geolocation tools, eco-responsible textiles.


Appropriate services and funding

We are able to provide tools to your general services or the purchasing department in order to manage your locker room with your employees.

Our research and development team works on textile innovation and the integration of connected objects.

UC Pro is a team of experts who master the product development as a whole, designing collections in the image of its customers. Our research and development work focuses on the many pillars: smart EPI — connected textiles — eco-responsible fabric, and we take care to be able to offer you the services necessary to manage your locker room.


An innovative, elegant and complete wardrobe to convey your values on the street and in the end customer.


Smart EPI and connected clothing to make your employees as secure as possible.

Textile R and D

We also focus our development work on eco-responsible and intelligent textiles.

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